·Quality of buyers at the 124th Canton Fair steadily on the rise  2018/11/27 
·Canton Fair drives quality development of China’s foreign trade  2018/11/27 
·Canton Fair “Belt & Road trade cooperation achieved progress  2018/11/27 
·Canton Fair enables overseas enterprises to share development opportunities of China and the world  2018/11/27 
·IPR protection at Canton Fair creates a fair and just business environment  2018/11/27 
·Canton Fair better serves all-round opening up  2018/11/27 
·Chinese enterprises actively respond to Sino US trade frictions   2018/11/27 
·Canton Fair shows that China’s foreign trade still faces complicated and severe situation  2018/11/27 
·Press Release of the Concluding Press Conference of the 124th Session of the Canton Fair  2018/11/15 
·[Canton Fair Story]EAST: Strengthen Innovation to Accelerate Global Layout  2018/10/26 
·[Canton Fair Story]Canton Fair is a “Sharpening Stone” to Help Companies Grow, Says Peng Yuanpu   2018/10/24 
·[Canton Fair Story]Show the Best of Chinese Brands through Innovation, Says Jian Weiming  2018/10/24 
·Reform and opening up provides impetus to Canton Fair’s development  2018/10/23 
·Canton Fair Promotes Economic Integration between China and Countries in the Belt and Road Initiative  2018/10/23 
·Canton Fair is an open international trade platform to "buy from and sell to the globe"  2018/10/23 
· Open and Innovative Intellectual Property Protection Services at the Canton Fair  2018/10/23 
·The number of buyers of the 124th Canton Fair will remain basically stable  2018/10/23 
·Canton Fair keeps buyer origin diversified   2018/10/23 
·Canton Fair contributes to targeted poverty reduction with pragmatic measures  2018/10/23 
·[Canton Fair Story] Canton Fair is a Platform for Chinese Brands to Build Images, Says Yan Huili  2018/10/23 

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